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Cover the complete business processes lifecycle and reduce the costs

Rapid Process Development
Using GPWF Process Designer you can design, deploy and use new business process with forms in less than 10 minutes!

This system allows you to run any type of process like invoice approval, loan request, document approval, data synchronization, support case,... It also supports non user interaction type processes used for deep ERP integration.

Cost effective Solution
Are you looking to improve your business processes and reduce IT costs at the same time? This unique system delivers you just that.

System implementation and regular costs can be substantially lower than similar products on the market. It also cuts down process development time, implementation time and raises their transparency.

Analyze and improve
Every business process that is registered in GPWF environment has complete audit trail. You can see which user and when did start specific process, who are current owners, how many time was spend by specific user or what stage of the process was most time consuming,...

These analytical data are the basis for further process optimization that can be done fast and easy.

User friendly System
Working with BPM has never been so easy. No installation is required for common users. Accessing the system can be done using any modern web browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, FireFox, Safari,...

Additional modules such as Desktop Client, Windows Gadget, Mobile device support are available to extend user experiance.